DIY Stained Glass Window

Bring some color into your home with this simple, and fun DIY.

Step One: Pick a Window

Pick one of your favorite windows in your home. One that receives lots of sunlight is perfect for this project! Once you’ve picked your window, start creating “block” spaces with painters tape. There’s no right or wrong here, so have as much fun as you want with it!

Step Two: Prepare the Paint

Pick out as many kids washable paint colors as you want for your window. You can choose one or many! Separate the paint into different bowls with individual paint brushes.

Next, add in a small squirt of dish soap to each paint bowl and stir to combine. A good rule of thumb is 1 teaspoon of paint to every 1/4 cup of paint (it doesn’t need to be exact).

Step Three: Start Painting

Now it’s time to unleash the creativity! Let your kid, or kids, have fun painting each block a different color. They’ll love watching their artwork come together!

    Step Four: Enjoy Your Masterpiece!

    Once each block is painted, let the paint dry completely, at least one hour, and then carefully remove all of the painters tape.

    Now, step back and enjoy the beautiful art! Happy Spring!

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